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5 Food Trends You won’t Be Able to Get Away From in 2022

5 Food Trends You won't Be Able to Get Away From in 2022

According to the Food and Health Survey 2022 by IFIC, a global food and health research
institute, more than seven in ten Americans are ordering food directly from restaurants. The
number of people who use third-party delivery apps has increased from 15% in July 2020 to 28%
in April 2022. Meanwhile, more than half of consumers say they’ll be eating more meals due to
the COVID-19 pandemic.

While vegetables have always been associated with healthy eating, the next food trend you can’t
escape in 2022 is the increase in the use of herbs, roots, and mushrooms. These earthy
ingredients are rich in vitamins and adaptogens, making them easy to include in your everyday diet.

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In addition to vegetables, protein from plants is making a huge statement. This has even
sparked the interest of fast-food chains, which have embraced plant-based proteins as a
sustainable source of protein.

For vegetarians, there is a great deal of hope that meatless meat replacements will become
more common. While a meat substitute may seem like an ideal solution, it can cause digestive
problems and even lead to weight gain. However, it’s not the answer for everyone. A vegan
lifestyle isn’t the only option for a vegetarian diet. It’s important to make a choice and experiment
to find out what suits you best.

5 Food Trends You won’t Be Able to Get Away From in 2022
5 Food Trends You won’t Be Able to Get Away From in 2022

5 Food Trends You Can’t Avoid in 2022. Today I’m going to explain to you the 5 basic foods you should taste in 2022. You will not be able to forget their delicious taste and appearance.