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Alpaca Baby Blanket

Alpaca Baby Blanket

Alpaca Baby Blanket, Baby alpaca throws are an excellent choice for anyone who prefers a soft and light blanket. These pieces are made from 100% baby alpaca wool and are hypoallergenic and warm. The fiber is softer than wool and is not sheer, so they are ideal for any season. These throws are lightweight and can easily be stuffed into a carry-on bag or suitcase.

Alpaca Baby Blanket 2022

Baby alpaca blankets have an elegant andean design. They are machine washable and made of silky soft alpaca wool. The colors and patterns may vary slightly from the photo shown. They can be used as a charming accent piece as well as for keeping the user warm. However, you should note that baby alpaca wool blankets are unique and may vary slightly from the image displayed. For this reason, it is advisable to check the measurements before purchasing one.

Baby alpaca blankets
Baby alpaca blankets

Baby alpaca blankets are available in different colors and designs. There are blue, white, and grey versions. These blankets come in 95″ x 67″ sizes. They are made in Ecuador from baby alpaca and acrylic, and they are machine washable and can be hand-washed with baby shampoo. If you are worried about the color of the blanket, you can choose one with a darker color.

Baby alpaca is a more sustainable fiber than sheep’s wool and is more breathable in warmer weather. It also does not pill or have the oily qualities that sheep’s wool has. Alpaca Baby Blanket is also hypoallergenic, flame-resistant, and water repellent. It is also very soft and breathable.

You will need:
Original 4 ply version: 3 x 50g Baby Silk 4-ply
(or Superfine 4-ply).
Optional DK Blanket: 6 x 50g any UK Alpaca Dk weight yarn.
A long circular needle, 4.5mm.
A sewing up needle.
Finished size:
80cm x 80cm (both blankets, but see notes below if you wish to make a larger or smaller one).

Care for alpaca throws is easy and requires minimal maintenance. The fibers do not absorb dust and odor, and can be left in sunlight for a few hours. It can also be dry cleaned. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, so it’s a great choice for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Alpaca throws are also perfect for the car and can be used not only as a baby blanket but as interior decor in a home or office. They are warm and soft, making them an ideal travel companion. Moreover, they fold compactly, making them useful gift items. The versatility of alpaca throws makes them a great choice for new homes and travel.

Alpaca fiber is lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic, and can be spun into light throws and heavier blankets. Alpaca wool provides a soft texture and is naturally water-resistant and insulating. Additionally, alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic and comes in beautiful colors.

Baby alpaca wool comes from a particular part of the alpaca’s body, including the neck, chest, and back. These fibers are 19 to 20 microns in diameter. This makes them the second-finest wool in this category and is not as expensive as royal alpaca wool.

XOXO Baby Blankets 

XOXO Baby Blankets