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Amigurumi Openwork Twist Kids Beanie Recipe pattern (2022)

Amigurumi Openwork Twist Decorated Kids Beanie Recipe pattern (2022), “It is a beautiful model that we can make for both girls and boys with the appropriate color selection. You can gift this model to your loved ones.” In winter, we use our berets to protect ourselves from the cold, which we use most often outside.

Puppy baby wool
3.5 size skewer

We will start with the laces from the tip of our beret.

Let’s start with 7 loops and knit as a 20 cm long harasho.

Let’s knit as a harasho by increasing it from the sides.

Let’s increase until we have 27 loops.

Let’s knit in 2 parts.

Let’s throw 13 stitches on our needle.

Let’s knit the 27 loops we knit for the headset.

Let’s increase 20 stitches in the front.

Let’s knit the 27 loops we knit for the headset.

Let’s increase 13 stitches from the edge.

We had a total of 100 stitches.

Let’s knit 100 loops as 6 rows of crochet.

For our examples, 1 reverse, 1 increment, 1 decrement, 9 flat, 1 decrement, 1 increment, 1 reverse, 6 straight for twist, 1 reverse 1 has been 1 example so far.

So let’s do our examples.

Let’s twist the auger with 8 rows.

In this way, let’s knit until we reach the desired length.

Let’s sew the back and top of our beret by puckering.

Let’s make a pompom on the top of our beret and decorate it.