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Free snail crochet pattern

Free snail crochet pattern

You can easily find a free snail crochet pattern and its illustrated construction here. You can also easily buy 1500+ amigurumi pdf.

If you are looking for a free snail crochet pattern, you’ve come to the right place. This tutorial will help you create a cute little snail that’s sure to delight your child. The pattern includes detailed instructions for making the shell and hat. Once you’ve completed your snail, you can add a mouth and eyes using the included amigurumi thread. To create the mouth, you’ll need a six-ply thread that has six individual strings. Insert the thread between stitches and through the stitch, pulling it into the shell from the back.

The body is created by working in sc’s around the perimeter of the shell and the head. Next, you’ll want to thread a needle through the body of the snail. Start your needle in the middle of the body of the snail, just above the base. Next, work a running stitch in the stitches that are directly next to the center stitch line. Then, bring the thread through the body to create the fringe.

Free snail crochet pattern (2022)

The crochet snail pattern will teach you how to make a snail applique, as well as a corresponding snail pillow. It includes single crochet, chain stitch, half-double crochet, and sewing, among other stitches. The finished snail is ready to sit inside a flowerpot. You can display it anywhere you want, whether inside the shell or outside. The free snail crochet pattern will teach you how to make a snail as adorable as your child!

If you’re looking for a quick project that’s sure to delight your child, the free snail crochet pattern is the perfect choice. Approximately six inches in length, the snail crochet pattern can be completed in a short amount of time. Depending on the materials you use, your finished snail can be anywhere from a small piece of jewelry to a large ornament. This pattern is available in several languages, including English, French, and Spanish.

Once you’ve finished the shell, you can attach a head and a ridged stem to the body. If desired, draw eyes on the feelers with a brown pen. You can then attach the ridged stem and the middle body. The finished snail is ready for play! It’s the perfect choice for Halloween! And it’s free, so go ahead and find a snail crochet pattern you like. If you’re not sure which one to make, add it to your list of favorites.

After you’ve attached the head and body to the shell, you’re ready to turn it inside out. Just make sure to pin the eyes evenly so they are visible from both sides. Once you’ve pinned the shell, sew the two remaining stitches together. When the shell is finished, you can weave in the ends and enjoy your lovely snail! You’ve created a beautiful and fun snail! You’ll have a cute little snail to keep for years to come.


  • crochet n. 2.5 / 3 mm
  • ecru cotton and various colors
  • wool needle
  • padding
  • black beads


  • cat = chain stitch
  • mbss = very low stitch
  • mb-crochet


BODY From the end of the body, use the
ecru cotton
1: mb6 in the magic circle [6]
2: (mb, inc) x3 [9]
3: (mb2, inc) x3 [12]
4: (mb3, inc) x3 [15]
5, 6, 7: [15]
8: cat7, skip 7 stitches, insert
in the eighth stitch and work mb8 [15]
9 to 28: [15]

29: [mbss15]
30: (mb2, inc) x5 [20] WORK IN
31: (mb4, inc) x4 [24]
32: (mb3, inc) x6 [30]
33, 34, 35, 36, 37: [30]
38: (mb3, dim) x6 [24]
39: (mb2, dim) x6 [18]
40: (mb, dim) x6 [12]
41: dim x6 [6]

snail crochet pattern
snail crochet pattern (2022)


I worked it three rows for each color
for a total of 12 colors (12×3 = 36 lines
in total). Work as follows:
insert the hook in the 6th stitch (side
head) and work * mb3, dec * repeat
two more times [12]
Work a total of 34 rows
decreasing the last two in this
35: (mb2, dim) x3 [9]
36: (mb, dim) x3 [6]
Important: stuff as you go
we proceed
Cut the thread and stop it. Wrap the
spiral and stop it with small dots al
Sew the beads, embroider the mouth and the
Coloring the cheeks.


mb4 in the magic circle, mbss in the
first sc, 3 cat. Cut the thread and leave
a long garment to sew to the head.


What do you need:
crochet hook 2,5/3 mm
cotton yarn iin light brown
and other colors
yarn needle
black beads

Abbreviations (US TERMS)

ch= chain
st= stitch
sl st= slip stitch
Sc= single crochet
FLO= front loop only