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Pumpkin crochet pattern FREE

Pumpkin crochet pattern FREE
is Pumpkin crochet pattern FREE, Craftsmake free patterns

The best thing about this free pumpkin crochet pattern is that it is reversible! This means you will not be working in the round, but on a one-row repeat instead. The final shape of the pumpkin will be a 16” by 7” rectangle. You will work the last stitch in an HDC into the SL ST below. When finished, you will have a finished pumpkin! And a bonus: it’s easy to make too!

Free Crochet Pumpkins Pattern

The free pumpkin crochet pattern is made from basic stitches and can be completed quickly. The pattern can be found on Ravelry. These pumpkins make great gifts or decorations for the holidays. You can find the free pattern on My Merry Messy Life or at Ravelry. You can download this pattern and make your own pumpkin! Once you have finished, you can give it away as a gift or put it on your table as decor. To make a free pumpkin crochet pattern, visit Ravelry and search for the project “Pumpkin”.

The written pattern is available for download in PDF format. You can open it in your favorite PDF reader, but be careful when printing from Chrome or other web browsers. Another option is to download the pattern to your queue in Ravelry. This way, you can keep it handy anytime you want to make a pumpkin or a scarf. The finished product will look perfect! It will be the perfect gift for Halloween or Thanksgiving! You can crochet pumpkins in a variety of different colors and styles.

Materials You’ll Need

I choose a nice, orange, worsted weight (CYC 4) yarn for this project. I worked with a crochet hook that’s slightly smaller than recommended on the yarn label. Using a smaller hook makes the fabric a little tighter and sturdier, so it will hold the stuffing without showing holes.

Smaller or Larger Pumpkins: You can substitute other types of yarn to change the size of your pumpkin. Choose a DK or Sport weight for a smaller pumpkin. Choose a bulky yarn or even a super-bulky weight yarn for a larger pumpkin. Whichever weight yarn you choose, make sure to use a crochet hook that’s one or two sizes smaller than you’d normally use. (Check out this crochet hook size chart for more info.)

Here are the materials you’ll need to make a crochet pumpkin:

  • worsted weight (CYC 4) yarn, such as Lion Brand Yarn Basic Stitch Premium Yarn, in Cayenne
  • size G – 4.0mm crochet hook (Here’s my favorite inexpensive hook.)
  • a darning or tapestry needle
  • a few handfuls of fiber-fil toy stuffing
  • If you’d like to crochet a pumpkin stem, you’ll also need a scrap amount of brown worsted weight yarn.

Skill Level

Beginner – Easy. This project uses basic stitches in a repetitive stitch pattern with simple shaping and finishing.


Here are the crochet abbreviations used in this pattern. Note that all instructions are written in US terms.

blo = back loops only

ch = chain(s)

dc = double crochet

fpdc = front post double crochet

hdc = half double crochet

sc = single crochet

sl st = slip stitch

st(s) = stitch(es)


Medium Size: The finished pumpkin measures 5″ wide and 5″ tall (stuffed, and with the stem.)

Small Size: Read the notes as the end of the pattern to learn how to modify the stitch count to make a smaller version.


20 st = 4″

Meeting gauge isn’t critical to the success of this project.

If you want to crochet a pumpkin the same size as mine, aim for a piece of fabric that measures 6″ wide and 12″ long before seaming.

Special Stitches

If you would like to crochet a pumpkin stem for your pumpkin, you’ll need to know the front post double crochet stitch. It’s very similar to the double crochet stitch — you’ll just insert your hook in a different spot.

Front Post Double Crochet: Yarn over, insert hook from front to back to front around the post of corresponding stitch below, yarn over and pull up a loop (3 loops on the hook). Yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook (2 loops on the hook). Yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook, again.


Row 1: Ch 31. Starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, and working in blo for all stitches, make 3 sl st, 6 sc, 12 hdc, 6 sc, 3 sl st. Turn. (30)

Row 2: Ch 1. Working in blo, 3 sl st, 6 sc, 12 hdc, 6 sc, 3 sl st. Turn. (30)

Repeat Row 2 until the piece measures 12 in long. (Measured across the center at the widest point.) I crocheted 40 rows.

Last Row: You can make the last row and seam the short sides in the same step. To do this, fold the short sides together, right sides facing out. Insert the hook through both the starting chain stitches and the back loops of the working stitches as you crochet the last row – all slip stitches.


If you didn’t join the sides as you worked the last row of crochet (as described in the previous section, join the sides with a mattress stitch.

Then, turn the pumpkin so that the raised “V” shapes point down.

With a matching piece of yarn and blunt yarn needle (I used the long yarn tail) sew a running stitch along the top edge.

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